PM Market Research can get the information you need to make your business decisions through online surveys. We will design and program online surveys and deploy the survey in a way that maximizes your exposure. Post links to online surveys on your website, intranet site or email newsletter, send out email invitations to your customers or employees or PM Market Research can purchase samples for you. Anyway you deploy the survey, PM Market Research will work with you to gather data, analyze results and make actionable recommendations.

Online Surveys

New Product Research
Customer Psychographics
Attitude and Usage
Customer Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
Website Feedback
Course Evaluations
Advertising Research

Data Analysis

PM Market Research can use advanced statistical analysis to understand your customers better.

Segmentation Analysis
Conjoint Surveys
Factor Analysis


Conducting a survey

Objectives - Determine what you want to learn from the research.
Sample - Determine who you want to talk to.
Incentive - Decide what participants will receive for their time and feedback.
Timeline - Agree on a time that meets everyones needs.

Survey Writing

Draft - First is created based on initial meeting.
Revisions - Changed are made until the best guide is designed.


Surverys are fielded.
Respsonses are monitored.

Analysis and Reporting

Data Cleaning and statistical analysis is completed.
PowerPoint presentation is created includingkey findings and recommendations.