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PM Market Research exists to solve the critical issues facing clients, both large and small. Being agile in our methodologies and quick to turnaround results not only differentiates us, but also makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations learn about their customers, improve their products and services and become successful themselves.


Survey Research

Thinking about brand awareness, attitude and usage studies, or satisfaction tracking?  PM Market Research can create a customize survey that answers your business questions and drives your decision making process.  From simple surveys to complex logic, PM Market Research has the tools to deliver results. 

Traditional Focus Groups

Want to understsand the "why's" to your statistics or hear from your customers first hand?  PM Market Research can design and moderator focus groups in major metropolitan areas or "go rogue" in non-traditional markets.  Present new product concepts, get feedback on new ideas and touchbase with your customers, prospects or lapsed buyers.

Online Focus Groups

Want to get qualitative feedback from a nation-wide group or a very specific target market?  PM Market Research offers design, moderating and analysis for online focus groups and communities.  Have the ability to reiterate on the fly in an online environment wherever your target market maybe.


Pam Mullock

Consultant, Moderator, Owner

Pam Mullock is an Independent Market Research Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in analytical roles, bridging the gaps between how companies market to consumers and how consumers perceive and react to products and promotions.

Pam spent her early years in the Direct Marketing/Catalog industry analyzing database information and building forecasting models.  Pam earned an MS degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison where she was an A.C. Nielsen Research Scholar. Combining her skills as a Direct Marketer and Market Researcher, Pam embarked on her research career with Lands’ End where she started their first proprietary online survey research panel with 5,000 members. In addition to analyzing syndicated fashion data, Pam started moderating focus groups using various projective techniques.

Pam founded PM Market Research in 2006 and has been helping businesses of all sizes define their target markets, hone their products and promotions, track consumer data and understand the consumer experience. Specializing in online surveys and moderating, Pam has assisted large retailers like Shopko and manufacturers like Kimberly-Clark Corporation understand their consumers better and deliver insights that boost their bottom lines.

She continues as an expert in field leading companies like Oriental Trading Co, The Swiss Colony, and PopSockets through the research process and ultimately to consumer-driven decisions. In addition, she also works with smaller companies, local churches and non-profit organizations on surveys and other research projects. Pam has a passion for understanding consumers and using technology as a tool; she recently was trained as a Digsite Preferred Partner for conducting online focus groups and communities. As a lifelong learner, Pam continues to seek out and try new techniques and never stops being amazed at how consumers think.

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