Focus Group Moderating

Gather 6-10 people and have a valuable discussion about your company’s products and services. PM Market Research will work with you to develop a discussion that will get to the WHY’s and the WHY NOTS of your business while being entertaining and engaging for those who are participating.

Advertising Research
Product Development/Refinement
Brand Positioning Research
Idea Generation
Consumer Satisfaction
Concept Screening
Category Research
Current and Lapsed Buyer Discussion


Conducting a focus group is an iterative, four step process.

Objectives - Determine what you want to learn from the research.
Sample - Determine who you want to talk to.
Location - Pick where the groups will be held.
Timeline - Agree on a timeline that meets everyones needs.

Discussion Guide:
Draft - First draft is created based on intitial meeting.
Revisions - Chnages are made until the best guide is designed.

Focus groups are conducted.

Two to three page topline report; PowerPoint if requested.
Other reporting options are available.